Top 10 national parks in California | 10 Best National Parks in California | Best National Parks In California To Visit | 10 Most Beautiful National Parks in California

Top 10 national parks in California

Top 10 national parks in California – From the high peaks of the Sierra Nevada mountains to the below-sea-level salt flats of the Death Valley, National Parks in California enjoy a vast range of environments and things. Walking through generations in California national parks such as Redwood, Joshua Tree, and Yosemite, inspiring, the millions of visitors they receive each year.┬áNational parks in California demolish the various ecosystems found throughout the state, and no one offers the same opportunity to explore.Whether it’s navigating the sea caves in Channel Islands National Park or rock climbing on the Pinnacles, California’s national parks feature weekend tours, state-wide road trips and experiences of a lifetime.

1.Santa Monica Mountains National Recreation Area – 10 Best National Parks in California

Los Angeles provides an easy escape into a wooded environment, leaving the bustling streets of the Santa Monica Mountains National Recreation Area. Popular activities in this oceanic public space include hiking and backpacking, tent camping, and RV parking, as well as surfing and other beach activities. Breaking from Santa Monica inland and up the coast near Oxnard, particular areas of the Santa Monica Mountains include Solstice Canyon, Point Mugu State Park and the original Paramount Ranch.

2.Channel Islands National Park – Top 10 national parks in California

A chain of five islands off the Southern California coast, Channel Islands National Park offers a remote getaway from the hustle and bustle of the mainland. Only accessible via boat and sea plane, ferries from Oxnard and Ventura regularly transport tourists to the islands. The largest of the five islands, Santa Cruz Island, is one of the most popular to visit, including hiking, kayaking, and camping at the Scorpion Ranch Campground.

3.Golden Gate National Recreation Area – Best National Parks In California To Visit

One of the three designated national recreation areas in California, is the urban-infected Golden Gate National Recreation Area on both sides of the Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco. Located to the north of Point Reyes National Seahore, this massive public space is home to the iconic Muir Woods National Monument. Considered as one of the most dog-friendly national park units in California, the Golden Gate National Recreation Area is very popular with pet owners.

4.Lassen Volcanic National Park – Top 10 national parks in California

In the northeast corner of the state, less than an hour from Redding, Lassen Volcano National Park contains many unique hydrothermal zones that are still clouded today. Appropriately named areas in the park such as Devils Kitchen and Bumpus Hale provide boardwalk trails and sensory immersion in a dynamic environment. Other popular things to do in Lassen Volcano National Park include swimming in Lake Manzita, climbing Lassen Peak, and spending the night at the Drakesbad Guest Ranch.

5.Point Reyes National Seashore – 10 Most Beautiful National Parks in California

An hour north of San Francisco, Point Reyes is the only federally designated beach on the West Coast. Over 150 miles of hiking trails span the national coastline, forests and marshes as well as many wild beaches with stunning views of the Pacific Ocean. This beach is popular for tourists and wildlife alike, and sightings of common animals include elk, seals, and gray whales during annual migrations.

6.Pinnacles National Park – Top 10 national parks in California

The state’s newest national park, Pinnacles is located east of the Salinas Valley in central California. Not connected by a central road divided between an east and west zone, this volcano-built playground includes Taal caves, giant spiders and lots of outdoor items. Pinnacles National Park’s popular activities include rock climbing, camping, and a number of adventurous trails, including paths leading through the park’s Talus Caves (flashlights recommended).

7.Sequoia & Kings Canyon National Park –


Home to large trees, deep valleys, and dramatic Sierra Mountain views, Sequoia and Kings Canyon National Park rival its more popular neighbor, Yosemite National Park, to the north. The giant General Sherman tree within Sequoia National Park stands as the largest tree in the world, with a diameter of more than 36 feet at its base. Located within the park’s Giant Forest area, General Sherman is surrounded by several other sequential trees.

8.Yosemite National Park – Top 10 national parks in California

The state’s Crown Jewel scenic spot, Yosemite is a symbol of the immense natural beauty and charm of the Sierra Nevada Mountains in Central California. Positioning famous photographers, naturalists, and rock climbers as national parks for more than a century, Yosemite today attracts more than four million visitors from around the world each year. While many guests spend time to see the excellent landmarks of the Yosemite Valley, there is plenty of space to discover a personal experience within 1,100-square miles of the park.

9.Joshua Tree National Park – Exploring California’s forests

At the intersection of Mojave and Colorado Desert, Joshua Tree National Park contains large boulders, stunning sunsets and a magical world of flora named the park. Joshua Tree has several outlets for adventure, as well as campgrounds to spend the night. Jumbo Rocks Campground is popular with families and solo travelers, with large-scale rock outcropping at more than 120 sites and lending to special features such as Skull Rock.

10.Redwood National and State Parks –

National Parks

A unique partnership between state and federal units, Redwood National and State Parks protects 100,000 acres of land and some of the world’s tallest living things. With 350-foot trees within its borders, Redwood National and State Parks also incorporate fern-covered basins, serene beaches and an abundance of wildlife. Popular activities in these vast Northern California landscapes include hiking, scenic driving, and camping in the shadow of the giants.


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