The Best Tourist Attractions in Pennsylvania / USA

The Best Tourist Attractions in Pennsylvania / USA

The Best Tourist Attractions in Pennsylvania / USA –   Pennsylvania is known as the Keystone State for its role in building the foundation of the United States – it is here that the Declaration of Independence, the US Constitution, and the Gettysburg Address were written. Tourists will find an abundance of historical sites and attractions from Liberty Bell to Valley Forge and Gettysburg Battle Sites in Philadelphia. It is also known as the Quaker state for the religion of the state name William Penn. Pennsylvania is home to the unique culture of the Dutch country Amish, whose simplicity and dedication to tradition continue to attract visitors who are looking for a peaceful weekend holiday. The city of Pittsburgh is known for its industrial roots and the cultural heritage of the Carnegie family, while Harrisburg’s capital is loved for its small-town spirit and historic buildings. Other Pennsylvania cities have earned their fame for less serious causes like Hershey, known for its chocolate maker and Punxsutawney for its weather-forecasting groundhog. From historic Philadelphia urban attractions to numerous parks and open country, there is something for everyone.

What is the richest part of Pennsylvania?

Many of the richest places in Pennsylvania are suburbs of Pittsburgh, located in Allegheny County, and the suburbs of Harrisburg, which include Cumberland and Dupin counties.

What town in PA is closest to NYC?

The eastern Pennsylvania city, which includes Philadelphia, Allentown and Scranton, is about 100 miles from New York City, while in western Pennsylvania, such as Pittsburgh and Erie, it is 400 miles away.

1 Independence National Park and the Liberty Bell – The Best Tourist Attractions in Pennsylvania / USA

Independence National Historical Park in Philadelphia, one of America’s most historic areas and home to the Liberty Bell, is a national treasure. Independence Hall is the central attraction in the park, which is famous as the place where the Declaration of Independence was signed and where the Constitution was drafted.

2 Hershey Park – The Best Tourist Attractions in Pennsylvania / USA

Families will enjoy taking a stroll in this famous Hershey amusement park, a city also associated with chocolate. Hershey Park is the city’s main attraction for 90 acres of rides and entertainment for children and adults, ranging from roller coasters to aquatic shows.

3 Gettysburg National Military Park – The Best Tourist Attractions in Pennsylvania / USA

The Gettysburg National Military Park in Gettysburg is the site of the Gatesburg Battlefield, where in 1863 this civil war killed about 51,000 people over a period of three days. Hundreds of markers and monuments now beautify the park. The main attractions are Seminary Ridge, which was the primary confederacy west of Gettburg for two and three days of fighting; Cemetery Ridge

4 Presque Isle State Park – The Best Tourist Attractions in Pennsylvania / USA

One of the top parks in Pennsylvania, Prisc Isle State Park sits on a peninsula that juts out into Lake Erie, forming Presque Isle Bay, an important shipping and transportation center. The park is open every year and includes many beaches and many hiking routes. As well as swimmers and sunbatchers, many visitors come here to collect colorful “sea” glass, which has been washed with ashes.

5 Philadelphia Museum of Art – The Best Tourist Attractions in Pennsylvania / USA

The Philadelphia Museum of Art has one of America’s largest collections of art and is also an iconic building in the city. The museum’s front steps were featured in all the “Rocky” films, and from the top of these steps is a grand view to the historic Tower of City Hall down the Benjamin Franklin Parkway.

6 Fallingwater

Fallingwater is one of the most famous of the buildings designed by Frank Lloyd Wright, known for its organic architecture that harmonizes together and contrasts with the natural world around it. In addition to the magnificent architecture, the home’s former residents, the Kauffman family’s collections, are a highlight.

7 Valley Forge and Valley Forge National Historical Park

Valley Forge stands as the ultimate symbol of the suffering, sacrifice, and triumph of the American Revolutionary War. During the winter of 1777–78, American troops endured some 2,000 casualties related to hunger, disease, and poor conditions when the British disbanded this major supply center. This piece of history is depicted through performances, tours and a film.

8 Phipps Conservatory

This huge campus is located in Shanley Park, Pittsburgh, where its botanical gardens and facilities are spread over 15 acres. Donated to the city in 1893, the conservatory has grown to include 23 gardens, in addition to 14 large glasshouses, home to an impressive collection of bonsai and orchids.

9 Strasburg

This small town in Lancaster County is known for its Amish culture and rail history. One way to appreciate the region is to ride the Strasbourg Railroad, which offers 45 minutes of scenic travel on the country’s oldest turn-of-the-steam trains.

10 Intercourse

A short drive east of Lancaster on the SR340 is Intercourse, a quaint town with an old-fashioned atmosphere. One of the top attractions is the Old Country Store, where tourists can purchase local crafts and delicious, freshly baked treats, as well as admire the traditional handcrafted quilt at their quilt museum. On Main Street, tourists can take a short ride and visit People’s Place to learn about the history, traditions,

Is PA a good state to live in?

Pennsylvania is a place where Fortune 500 companies thrive and stinky startups thrive. Residents enjoy stunning natural scenery, professional sports, creative arts and culture, and great food – at a surprisingly affordable price point. If you are looking to relocate, PA definitely deserves a place on your short list.

What is the most dangerous city in PA?

According to the analysis, the top 10 cities with the most violent and property crimes, including robbery and theft, are. McKees Rocks: This borough of Allegany County has been named the most dangerous for two consecutive years by the Roadsnakes


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