The Best Restaurants in Mumbai

The Best Restaurants in Mumbai

Mumbai is a huge city with a very cosmopolitan feel and that is why it has manifold food experiences. Be it North Indian, South Indian, Mughlai, American, Italian, Continental, Chinese and more, Mumbai has restaurants for all of them. When it comes to the best restaurants in Mumbai, one should mention Zarine. One of the city’s most posh hotels, a part of the Sofitel Mumbai BKC Hotel, Zarine is a festive experience. Located at the St. Regis Hotel in Lower Parel, The Mekong is another top notch restaurant in Mumbai. One of the top restaurants in Mumbai, Masala Library is the brainchild of India’s leading convenor Jiggs Kalra and is a great place for some Indian cuisine. When South Indian restaurants arrive in Mumbai, Mani’s lunch home should be mentioned. Located near Ruia College in Matunga, it is an effective place to enjoy a delicious plate of dosa, idli and uttapam. The South Culture Curry may be a small place in a by-lane at Hinduja Hospital in Mahim, but their food is worth a try. Located at the Daksha ITC Maratha Hotel, South Coastal is a high-end restaurant that serves mouth-watering South Indian cuisine.

The Best Restaurants in Mumbai

In recent years, Mumbai has become oriented with its charm for all things Xico, but Xico is one of the first places to offer authentic Mexican food, with a trendy restaurant worth indulging in as an excellent bar. Leia is home to innovative cocktails. Adventurous foods will appreciate enticing dishes that may also include hay.

2.Cafe Madras

This is Mumbai’s most cherished South Indian restaurant found in Kings Circle. If you are bored with all the joints of food and expensive food around the city, the interiors coming to Cafe Madras will surely like you. Beware, though: the restaurant is permanently crowded with college students, senior citizens and young workers. Can we suggest you to have a conversation with one of them while digging in paperm rasam, airy medu vada, crispy dosa and a cup of coffee?


In Hakkasan, it is all about the dim sum. Try a five-course dim sum lunch with a fruit drink or choose chicken shumai, grilled shanghai and adamem dumplings, among other items. Before washing it down with a cup of tea, try dark chocolate mousse. count on us.

4.The Bombay Canteen

Situated in an old colonial bungalow, the Bombay Canteen ate Mumbai by enhancing Indian regional cuisine with a modern twist. Itching to spend good time with friends or family while eating very good food? This is the place for you.

5.Shree Thaker Bhojnalaya

One of the best kept secrets of Mumbai, this vegetarian Gujarati restaurant offers a “eat till you leave” experience. To get a very good sample, opt for the thali: a round plate consisting of six rotis, six curries, two papads, buttermilk, curd, three types of confection, chaat, vegetable rolls and more.

6.O Pedro

To experience real Goan cuisine as a setting in this sling restaurant and bar. Sample the Portuguese-inspired dish Poi (home-cooked sour) and wash it with one of the many signature cocktails – we are partial to Pedro G&T. Sit back, relax and settle into a beach-like state of mind without having to travel to a neighboring state.

7.The Clearing House

In addition to the Mumbai restaurant scene recently, the Clearing House is found in a relatively quiet area, giving the restaurant an oasis among Mumbai’s crazy but historic quarters. The restaurant is divided into two sections: a sunlight foyer that is ideal for Sunday brunch and a more somber chamber for the evening. You’ll eat contemporary Western cuisine with an Eastern treat: think of sprinkles of tamarind or tiriyaki sauce in your dishes, a touch of kimchi.

8.Britannia & Co.

Situated in the Gentil Preticut, Ballard Estate in Mumbai, Britannia & Co is a vintage, heritage eatery and perhaps one of the oldest symbols of locally dying Parsi cuisine. Is a stunning time capsule of Mumbai’s past, opened by Zoroastrians from Iran, Britannia & Co. in the 19th century. The most famous dishes here, use berry casserole with some dhansak with carom caramel.


An Instagram-worthy two-story restaurant is a pet project of the very loving chef Calvin Cheung, boasting a maritime theme. Trivia: The eater gets its name from Sebastian, the all-knowing crab of Disney’s Little Mermaid fame. An Asian-inspired alternative location to run Mill Seafood Restaurant in Mumbai, Bastian is a favorite of city hipsters and Bollywood A-listers. Try the famous lobster rolls, butter-poached lobster and pepper crab. You may want to consider getting your hands dirty with Snapper Carpesco, which is locally made with high quality seasonal ingredients.

10.The Table

This romantic, two-tier, upcoming restaurant is a pioneer of Mumbai’s agri-to-table revolution, adopting international culinary trends and applying them in a local context. It provides fresh produce from its own farm in Alibaug. Wrapped with intelligent curtains stretching across walls, floor-to-ceiling windows and named after the 20-foot-long Burma Teak Community Dining Table, its table is a great place to be, where you are craving a sumptuous meal. .


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