The best restaurants in Kohima – Nagaland / India

The best restaurants in Kohima – Nagaland / India

The best restaurants in Kohima – Nagaland / India – Kohima is the hilly capital of India’s north eastern state of Nagaland. It is the second largest city in the state with a resident population of 99,039. Originally known as Kewhira, it was established in 1878 when the British Empire established its headquarters in the then Naga Hills. After the inauguration of the state of Nagaland in 1963, it officially became the capital.


The momos they served were hot, steamy and so fresh and the sauce they served was also good. Great service and atmosphere

2.FIFA CAFE – The best restaurants in Kohima – Nagaland / India

Amazing cappuccino and delicious chopsu, momos, egg rolls, chili chicken, homemade Naga chutney, and fresh lime juice. The service is friendly and efficient, the music is quiet, the atmosphere is cool with lots of locals. It is clean and fresh and a shelter from the crowded streets of Kohima.


De Café literally means “Café incredible”. When a close friend of mine told me that Chloe brother today I did not expect anything together what I would see at D Cafe. In these recent times, cafes have become increasingly sluggish for coffee with ambience on all levels as well as dullness and non-reality. A wonderful cafe is a pure work of art. You want to relax after a hard day’s work and when you hit a cafe to relax with your friends or family. Coffee has the amazing ability to ease your anxiety and be safe that anyone sees before hitting a cafe.
The Day Cafe has hit the right spot with ambience, coffee service and hospitality, which is very dense in Naga culture. The furniture, lighting, and menus (quality vs. quantity) chosen by the owner and his team do justice to the entire gamble of ideas they want to offer to coffee lovers.
Why is this cafe different now?
Mr. Dilli, the owner of the cafe, has extensive experience in environmental science (postgraduate), combined with his teaching experience to make room for all coffee lovers to meet. The place doesn’t mix all the fancy things, it provides a serene atmosphere with a distinctive menu that provides clarity for the coffee seekers we rarely find on café days.

4.JAT RESTAURANT – The best restaurants in Kohima – Nagaland / India

I often take my clients (tourists) here especially if they are Indians. I think this is the first and only place where you can get naan and tandoori items. It has been good so far. I think but toilet facilities are limited (only one). According to the wise, I call it, on average, lower than the restaurant restaurant but lower than the standard restaurant. The service was very good. If you are looking for an Indian, especially tandoori, I would definitely recommend it.


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