The Best Resorts in Washington State | USA

The Best Resorts in Washington State | USA

The Best Resorts in Washington State | USA –  Washington’s original pioneers were enamored with the abundant forests that covered the landscape that they gave the region the name of Evergreen State, a name which, unfortunately, was not officially adopted. It is no surprise that when visiting state forests it is recommended to experience those forests. The state considers itself an avatar of America the Beautiful, and is a fair assessment made by proud residents.

However, located on the US West Coast, the state also provides access to some magical and rugged beaches. Whale watching and ocean kayak tourism are a major attraction (as is the Seattle Fish Market for various reasons, though). Tours out of Friday Harbor are often able to explore the Humpback Whales, and the Orchard Pods.

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1. Suncadia Resort – The Best Resorts in Washington State | USA

The Suncadia Resort, built on a 6000-acre mountain in Clack Elm, is a spectacular destination throughout the year. The resort has snakes for more than 40 miles of hiking, including 3 championship golf courses and a world-class spa. Many restaurants use local products ranging from taste to complex catering.

2. Sun Mountain Lodge – The Best Resorts in Washington State | USA

nspired but natural surroundings, and located in the picturesque Metho Valley, Sun Mountain Lodge is perfect for an all-weather family gathering or a romantic getaway. A contemporary, all-service day spa on site and many dining options are available to guests. The valley offers plenty of outdoor activities regardless of the weather, with an intricate web of trails available for hiking, horse riding, fishing or swimming in a 120-acre private lake.

3. Salish Lodge and Spa – The Best Resorts in Washington State | USA

Set among the jungles that have given their name to the evergreen state, Salish Lodge and Spa will probably return your mind in a simpler time. The moment you arrive and see the magnificent Snowkelmi Falls in the background, and examine the dignified design of the lodge building, you will understand that it is possible for modern construction to embrace its environment.

4. West Beach Resort

Located on the west side of Orcas Island, the West Beach Resort has been offering coastal accommodation since 1938, and remains a popular destination. With a range of self-contained cabins and cottages, combined with RVs and camping sites, the resort caters for excursions to groups of all sizes.

5. Alderbook Resort and Spa

Geoshing, hiking or aqua aerobics in the heated pool, Aldrobok Resort has a lot to do that will bring you closer to nature. The Eco Resort, off the coast of Hood Canal, is only two hours from Seattle, but offers an experience away from the hustle of the city.

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