The Best Resorts in Pennsylvania | USA

The Best Resorts in Pennsylvania | USA

The Best Resorts in Pennsylvania | USA –  Known as the “Keystone State” for its important role in the formation of the United States, Pennsylvania has plenty of housing options available. Whether you are going on a romantic getaway or extended family vacation, you will not be disappointed.

The state offers many wonderful options for those who enjoy a little (or a lot) of luxury. The top-rated Omni Bedford Springs Resort in Bedford is a major destination especially popular for its connections to the region’s famous hot springs.

1. Omni Bedford Springs Resort – The Best Resorts in Pennsylvania | USA

As its name suggests, the luxurious Omni Bedford Springs Resort is all about hot springs… and pampering. Bedford Springs has been attracting tourists for over two centuries for its rejuvenating properties – something that this luxurious 4-star resort has done with its full-service spa, world-class treatments and facilities that maximize this natural phenomenon Provides.

2. The Lodge at Woodloch – The Best Resorts in Pennsylvania | USA

Located in the heart of the holiday area of Pennsylvania’s famed Coconos Mountains, the luxurious Adult Only Lodge at Holly in Woodlok is the perfect 4-star destination for a romantic getaway.

3. Nemacolin Woodlands Resort – The Best Resorts in Pennsylvania | USA

The 4-star Nemacolin Woodlands Resort in Farmington has plenty of adventure. Guests will enjoy activities such as off-roading, ziplining and animal safaris at the resort’s unique wildlife sanctuary. The resort’s “Paradise Pool Complex” gives a lot of fun to grow up in its adults-only pool and hot tub,

4. Woodloch Pines Resort

The Cocos holiday show, located at another apex at Woodlok Pandey Resort Hawkley, is a must for families and couples alike. The all-inclusive property at this 3-star hotel is well furnished and bright, and features a mix of standard hotel offerings and large rooms.

5. The Lodge at Glendorn

The Lodge at Glendorn offers its guests a luxurious luxury experience. Luxury extends from its attractive and authentic public spaces (the resort was built in the 1920s) to its elegant rooms and cabins.

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