The best Resorts In Meghalaya

The best Resorts In Meghalaya

In India, the mastery of opulence resorts is quite unsustainable, which cannot be accepted anywhere else in the world. If you believe in the belief that a luxurious stay is necessary to make the trip spectacular, then there are a plethora of options for you in all the nooks and corners of the country. Meghalaya is a state which attracts a large number of herds from all over the world due to its amazing elegance. It is such a large number of options that it will confuse you which one is best for you. Reflecting the culture and heritage of the place, resorts in Meghalaya are characterized by a luxurious atmosphere and hence they provide all amenities and facilities to please all your five senses.

1.Kutmadan Resort, Cherrapunjee

Step into luxury with a remote stay at Kutmadan Resort, considered the best resort in Meghalaya. The resort itself is a square that offers a great location in the valley of Cherrapunji. Guests staying here can enjoy nearby attractions such as Mavasai Caves and Seven Sister Falls. For lavish food and lip-smacking sups, the resort features A-class restaurants featuring local and international cuisine.

2.Jiva Resort, Cherrapunjee

One of Meghalaya’s best and best resorts for couples, the Jeeva Resort is nestled in the lap of clouds amidst rainy places on the earth, where you can embrace the unexpected rain of rain with your loved ones. The resort is a well-known place that offers luxurious rooms and superb cuisine. Under a unique world of stars and many other activities, this resort opens up to a spectacular garden for a walk and its proximity to the Sohra Golf Range attracts adventure aficionados.

3.Sa-I-Mika Resort, Cherrapunjee

For those looking for a great holiday, offering a glimpse into the rich natural tranquility of streams, grasslands and crags, Samika Resort is just one place. Located in the secluded area of ​​Cherrapunji, away from any hustle and bustle of city life, due to the silence and tranquility, this resort offers the best opportunity to enjoy the blissful atmosphere. Adventure lovers will get the best out of it as there are many adventure and recreational activities available here. It is incredibly one of the best resorts in Meghalaya for families.

 4.Sunshine Farms and Resorts, Shillong

Sunshine Farms and Resorts has earned well-deserved status among the cheap resorts in Meghalaya as it is a pocket-friendly alternative. Amidst the magnificent beauty of the Meghalaya hills and the plains, it is spread over an area of ​​13.5 acres. Regarding the rooms, you can opt for tents or standard villas, each with great comfort and style. The charming and romantic views from the windows make guests feel pampered by nature itself.

5.Ri Kynjai Resort, Shillong

Ri Kyanji, meaning “sereneness by the lake” is a world-renowned lakeside resort with a well-maintained garden space where you can experience the sheer luxury that surrounds them. The amazing view of the Umiam Lake in front makes it one of the best resorts in Meghalaya. Khasi Thatch is the original touch of hats and the major point of attraction in the deep culture of Khasi. Forget not indulging in your lip-smacking dishes in the restaurant at the resort.

6.Orchid Lake Resort, Umium

Situated on the banks of the magnificent and sprawling Umiam Lake, Orchid Lake Resort is run by the Umiam Sports Complex of the Tourism Department. Being one of the cheap resorts in Meghalaya, it offers a wonderful holiday retreat and a great experience to see the unbeatable view of the lake.

7.Roinam Resort, Borpani

With a view of the beautiful hills of Meghalaya, Ronam Resort offers amazing entertainment facilities marked with comfort and luxury that mesmerises all your senses. Enjoy reading a book in the balcony of your room and the vast views of the state’s hills.


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