The Best Resorts in Binsar

The Best Resorts in Binsar

Located in the valleys of Uttarakhand, Binsar is a small tourist attraction. At a remarkable height of 2,420 meters, Binsar is a hidden treasure to the very few of it. This small town boasts of a wildlife sanctuary; Beautiful view of the mountains and clean air too. Binsar is just 95 km from Nainital. From treks to wildlife exploration, there is a lot to do in Binsar. No matter what the purpose of your trip is, there are plenty of resorts in Binsar which are considered amazing accommodation options.

1. Suman Nature Resort – The Best Resorts in Binsar

For those looking for a 3-star resort in Binsar, Suman Nature Resort is an ideal place to stay during a trip. The resort offers everything from pool tables to its popular terrace restaurant and a party hall with stunning views. The resort can host large events such as weddings or business retreats on its lush lawn.

2. Mohan’s Binsar Retreat – The Best Resorts in Binsar

The resort is situated within a lush green valley and its proximity offers amazing natural views. In addition, it provides comfortable and spacious rooms to view the valley, making it a truly romantic destination. The place is considered to be a haven for couples who are looking for holiday resorts in Binsar.

3. Boro’s Resort – The Best Resorts in Binsar

This lush resort is spread over an entire hill and has spectacular views of the valleys from its one acre location. It is an ideal option for families, as well as couples looking for resorts in Binsar for a comfortable stay.

4. The Binsar Eco Resort – The Best Resorts in Binsar

Located 13 km upstream in the Almora mountainous regions, the Binsar Eco Resort is yet another great resort for families in Binsar. The place has 6 grand cottages for large families, who travel or travel together.

5. Mountain Resort Khali

If what you like is heritage, then the Mountain Resort Khali in Binsar is the perfect place for you. The property provides all the facilities for a luxurious stay and therefore attracts its own coffee shop to delight all guests. This resort is suitable for both families and couples travelers.

6. Club Mahindra Binsar Valley Resort

For those who like the brand, Club Mahindra Binsar Valley is a resort in Binsar. It offers an unprecedented experience and is an ideal place for families. The resort offers panoramic views of the snow-covered Himalayas. This will ensure that your family is looked after in the most luxurious way.

7. Kasaar Jungle Resort

Those of you who are close to Almora may like Kasara Jungle Resort. It is an ideal option for easy access to all the nearby tourist spots from here. It is close to the major attractions around the Binsar Valley and hence offers excellent luxury with beautiful views.


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