The Best Places to Visit in Manipur / india

The Best Places to Visit in Manipur / india

The Best Places to Visit in Manipur / india –   Manipur, the pride of Northeast India, blooms as a tourist destination sometime. But people spend a few days here, before they make their way to other areas. The truth is that to feel the essence of a place, you must spend a lot of time, interacting with the local people and losing yourself amidst the unsatisfying nature. There are many places to visit in Manipur that are equipped with nature’s rich, friendly accommodations and innumerable options for sightseeing and activities. Here is a list of all the top places that one should not miss on their North Eastern getaway.

1. Senapati – The Best Places to Visit in Manipur / india


Blessed with the heritage of nature, Senapati is a simple yet intriguing destination and one of the best tourist places in Manipur. Almost area of this area is surrounded by forests, and the rest of it is inhabited by villagers. Hamlet makes an ideal getaway for anyone longing for a cultural insight to Manipur.

2. Andro – The Best Places to Visit in Manipur / india

Located in close proximity with Imphal, Andro is a small village which is truly one of the most amazing places to visit in Manipur. The clay craftsmanship of this place is something that has always attracted the attention of visitors making it one of the best tourist destinations in Manipur.

3. Imphal  – The Best Places to Visit in Manipur / india

When it comes to tourist places to visit in Manipur, we know that Imphal is obvious. It is actually one of the most famous places to visit in Northeast India. Imphal is situated in the center of Manipur, which boasts of beauty of hills and foothills in all its glory. Behold the panoramic views of the leading and surrounding valleys,

4. Khongjom

A place that pays tribute to the army, Khongjom is one of the best Manipur destinations. Here, the revered chief commander, Pauna Brajbashi, along with his soldiers continued to fight the British during his reign. Was known as the Anglo-Manipur War. Today a memorial has been built in memory of the brave fighters, which have historical significance.

5. Ukhrul

Ukhrul, known for its magnificent splendor, is one of the best places in Manipur. The natural beauty is such that you can meditate for hours and find peace of mind. When you are planning to spend time here, put a lot of time in your hands as you might consider an extended stay.


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