The Best Places To Visit In Imphal / Manipur

The Best Places To Visit In Imphal / Manipur


The Best Places To Visit In Imphal / Manipur –  Imphal, the capital of Manipur, is a quaint little town and one of the major ancient cities located in northeast India. The city came into the limelight when the Japanese invaded India during World War II. Presently it is a major tourist center where large crowds of tourists from all over the world often come to see the charm and beauty of the town. Most of the area located in Manipur is inhabited by local tribes. Ideally, the summer season is the best time to explore the entire city of Imphal. There is a multitude of places to visit in Imphal. Some of them are discussed below.

1. Kangla Palace – The Best Places To Visit In Imphal / Manipur

Kangla Palace is one of the top tourist places in Imphal which is situated on the banks of the Imphal River. This place was considered the summer palace of former rulers Meetei. While planning a visit to the palace of Kangla, visitors should definitely check out one of the bustling markets in Imphal named ‘Khwaramband Bazar’.

2. Manipur State Museum – The Best Places To Visit In Imphal / Manipur

The Manipur State Museum which is strategically located in the city of Imphal spreads the message of a glorious past and rich history. The museum was inaugurated by the late Honorable Prime Minister Smt. Indira Gandhi. It is still a favorite Imphal sightseeing in Manipur.

3. Loktak Lake – The Best Places To Visit In Imphal / Manipur

Loktak Lake is one of the largest freshwater lakes and is the base of the city of Manipur. This ‘floating lake’ is named because of the presence of organic materials such as named fumidis. The lake serves as a major source of water supply throughout Manipur city and is one of the major sources of income for the government.

4. Three Mothers Art Gallery

Another major place to visit in Imphal is the Three Mothers Art Gallery. It is a symbol of contemporary art forms. The gallery exhibits a variety of art of various sizes ranging from small dragon figurines to giant deva figurines.

5. Moirang Village

Moirang village is another place to visit in the city of Imphal. This small town has an ancient temple dedicated to ‘Lord Thangjing’. The best time to visit Moirang village is during the month of May where you can see the famous ir Moirang Haroba Festival. This is a major event designed by professional dancers who dress in ethnic outfits.

6. Sirohi National Park

One of the top tourist places to visit in Manipur is Sirohi National Park. It was built back in the year 1982 and is home to some elusive and endangered species of wild animals like tigers and leopards. This national reserve park is one of the top tourist destinations in Manipur to visit because of its natural habitat.

7. Sekta Archaeological Living Museum

One of the best places to visit in Manipur is the Cecata Archaeological Living Museum. The place depicts some rare antiquities that belonged to local tribes of the fourteenth century. It is currently being converted into an open-air-living museum.


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