The Best Beaches in California to Visit in 2021

The Best Beaches in California to Visit in 2021

The Best Beaches in California to Visit in 2021 –  After years of detailed research on beach up and down California beaches (we know it sounds tough) the team at California Beaches came up with their top ten list. This list is a compilation of the best ten beaches we have visited in the last ten years. Below are the beaches we think California and tourists alike should explore if they haven’t seen them before. After you’re done with this list, check out our

There is a long list of criteria that we use to evaluate beaches, but in some cases they stand out due to their wow factor. We consider the scenery, scenery, people who frequent the beach, exploring natural features, the ability to walk, and more. For this list, we selected the top ten using this breakdown:

What beach do celebrities go to in California?

Venice Beach (Los Angeles, California.)

Known for its artistic nature and boardwalk full of colorful murals, quirky street performers and interesting shops, this bohemian beach has been a hangout spot for celebrities such as Katy Perry, Heidi Klum, Jake Gyllenhaal and Lana Del Rey.

What is the most affordable beach town in California?

1. Oxnard. About an hour north of Los Angeles, Oxnard offers a beachfront stay at an affordable price. The median household income here is $ 62,349, with median home value of $ 332,600, which is indeed a big deal for California real estate.

1.La Jolla Shores Beach – The Best Beaches in California to Visit in 2021

The San Diego area has many amazing beaches and La Jolla Shore is near the top. It is a popular place that can be jammed many times. We like this beach because you can explore La Jolla Shore in a kayak or on a stand-up padboard. Surfers ride the waves here and can enjoy the waves even on small bodyboards. If you want something secluded, head north on the beach towards Scripps Pier.

2.Santa Monica State Beach – The Best Beaches in California to Visit in 2021

With an amazing pier sports entertainment ride and luxurious shops and a huge beach, which can accommodate thousands of visitors daily, Santa Monica State Beach easily made the list this year. The parks located to the south of the ghat are clean and diverse. Parking is abundant.

3.Coronado Beach – The Best Beaches in California to Visit in 2021

Another popular San Diego area beach made the list this year. Coronado Beach is tops for children, families, couples and even dogs. It is a walkable beach and usually does not have large waves as it is protected from Point Loma. A footpath and boardwalk return all the beaches along this beach. The famous Hotel del Coronado and its various restaurants are nearby.

4.Carmel City Beach – The Best Beaches in California to Visit in 2021

Carmel-by-Sea is a middle-of-the-road city with an average sales of over a million dollars. However people are very friendly and it is a great place to visit. Some of our favorite beaches are in or around Carmel. One of the best is Carmel City Beach which offers bright white sand and lots of space.

5.Moonstone Beach

Unlike the white beaches of Carmel, Cumbria has beautiful brown sand beaches. Moonstone Beach made it to this year’s list, even though the beach is narrow at high tide. It parallels Moonstone Beach Drive, where several cozy motels and a couple tasty restaurants can be found in the northern part of the city.

6.Salt Creek Beach

It is one of our favorite beaches in Orange County. The massive Salt Creek Beach Park at Dana Point is a mecca for OC families. If there is no wind, then have a picnic on a large grass lawn or beach. Surfers like it a lot here. Lifeguards are on hand to see swimmers and bodyboarders swimming far and wide.

Where is the clearest water in California?

A Jolla Cove Beach is the bluest water in Southern California.

Are there white sand beaches in California?

Yes, Santa Monica Bay is in Los Angeles. The beaches from Redondo Beach to Santa Monica are the most beautiful part of the white sandy beaches.


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