The 5 Best Restaurants Near Times Square | The 5 Best Restaurants in and Around Times Square, New York City

The 5 Best Restaurants Near Times Square

The 5 Best Restaurants Near Times Square – Times Square is a popular destination for visitors to New York City, but the area has several general chain restaurants. Most tourists will find themselves in Times Square at some point during their trip – whether they want to watch a Broadway show or live in the bright lights and energy leisure of the neighborhood – and the good news is that it is easy for the tourist to escape the trap and is.

Can you see Times Square from space? New York City

Times Square is so brightly lit that it can be seen from the outside. … In fact, Times Square is very bright, it is one of the few places on Earth that astronauts can point to from outer space.

What’s so special about Times Square?

One of the world’s busiest walking areas, it is also the center of the Broadway theater district and a major center of the world’s entertainment industry. Times Square is one of the most visited tourist attractions in the world, attracting an estimated 50 million visitors annually.

1.Shake Shack, Eighth Avenue, New York

With branches now in destinations as diverse as Istanbul, Shanghai and Brighton, Shake Shake has come a long way from its humble hot-dog-cart origins in 2001 at Madison Square Park. But its burger has not lost any of its juicy bliss along the way. – As you will find at this outpost on Eighth Avenue at 44th Street. Using 100 percent Aberdeen Angus beef, cushioned with potato shells and stacked with piping-hot crinkle-cut fries, they are the best quick-fix antidote for theater-numb bums and sightseeing floors. And you should have no problem finding a seat.

2.Becco, New York – The 5 Best Restaurants Near Times Square

The Besco Theater District has a slice of Italian cuisine served at Restaurant Row (West 46th Street between Eighth and Ninth Avenue) in the Theater District. Owned by chef and TV personality Lydia Bastinich, it deals an all-you-eat-it ‘Sinfonia de Piste’, which also has a weekend after the play, while also attracting a regular crowd: $ 25.95 Three changing selections of the feast buy ready-made pasta daily; Favorites include semolina gnocchi alla romana and orecchiette with braised escarole and broken seawater. Other signature dishes are osso buco (braised veal shank with ferro risotto) and zuppa di pesi misto (seafood folded into a soft pouta).

3.Pure Thai Cookhouse, New York – The 5 Best Restaurants Near Times Square

Cuisine in northern, central and southern Thailand comes together more in a hallway than in a snoo space. None of which detracts from the joy of the place Рor its plates. Expect hand-made ribbons of noodles, glazed with oil, crab crews, beef brewing, and crunchy green ice peas. Order some noodle dishes for the table Рthey are saut̩ed or swimming in a bowl of soup Рtogether with vegetable dumplings, plump and juicy tofu and spinach. (Very spicy) green papaya salad with dried shrimp, tomatoes, peanuts, tall beans, Thai chillies and lime for good measure requests. Which you should see in the afternoon and / or evening. РThe 5 Best Restaurants in and Around Times Square, New York City

4.Bea, New York – Best Times Square Restaurants

On a quiet strip of West’s 43rd Street, this intimate, brick-walled restaurant and bar is your go-to fiasco, comforting American food, with some great tweaked-up cocktails. (Cocoa fashion is a literal hit, flavored with roast-coconut-infected producer Mark Bourbon.) Tuck into caro-classics such as Ricotta Smoked Toasted Bread at Home, in an English Muffin with Grilled Lamb Tops and Burgers Smoked topped with gouda. Dimly Lit, this is the perfect place to share a bottle of wine, as well as grabbing a quick pre-theater dinner.

5.Danji, New York – The 5 Best Restaurants Near Times Square

Combining creative Korean cuisine with a flutter of French technique, Danji offers plates bursting with authentic flavors, and an texture enhanced by organic and sustainable ingredients. The menu is divided into three sections (small, medium and large) and loaded with toastbud-ticklers such as pork-belly sliders, seafood with spicy soft tofu stew and shrimp and scallion pancakes. and to drink? Your chance to try Suju – there is a distinctly Korean distillery that is not unlike vodka, only the gantler. Or go for the Japanese stalwart.

Why is Central Park so dangerous at night?

At night your biggest concern in Central Park is spaciousness, darkness and solitude. It is a large park and has many quiet, almost empty areas that are not well lit. You will be careful with good reason, however, it is likely that you will be fine. Police presence is minimal. – The 5 Best Restaurants in and Around Times Square, New York City

Is it safe to walk around Times Square at night?

Times Square is very safe at night, and with all the lights, it has an amazing view with great photo ops! NYC is a statistically safe city but you still have to use common sense all the time.


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