Best 10 Tourist Places In Nagaland

Best 10 Tourist Places In Nagaland
Best 10 Tourist Places In Nagaland


Nagaland became the 16th state of India on 1 December 1963. Along with the insurgency in this state, there was an inter-ethnic conflict since 1950. Violence and insecurity have limited the economic development of Nagaland. [9] [4]

Agriculture is the most important economic activity, covering more than 70% of the state’s economy. Other important economic activities include forestry, tourism, insurance, real estate and diversified cottage industries.

1.Dimapur – Best 10 Tourist Places In Nagaland
Best 10 Tourist Places In Nagaland


The 13th century court ruins are among the most attractive places in Dimapur, while the ruins here are evidence of the Ahom invasion. Dimapur opens a wide door for nature Africans and takes them on an unforgettable journey. Nikugard Village

2.Kohima – Best 10 Tourist Places In Nagaland
Best 10 Tourist Places In Nagaland


The capital of Nagaland, Kohima is undoubtedly the most attractive place in Nagaland. Despite being a commercial center, Kohima has not lost its natural charm and remains one of the most charismatic destinations to see in the state.

3.Mokukchung – Best 10 Tourist Places In Nagaland


Being the most beautiful and vibrant district in Nagaland, Mokokchung is home to the Ava tribe. Known for its hospitality, rich traditions and festivals, Mokokchung is gradually becoming a center of attraction for tourism in Nagaland.



Konyak is an interesting land to visit in Som Nagaland, the land of Nagas. Familiar to warriors with tattoos on their faces, hunting heads and blackened teeth, Som is an attractive place to be in Nagaland. Konyak calls himself a descendant of Noah and practices agriculture; It is believed to be the best crop in the state



Nagaland is a magnificent gift of wokha nature. Dotted with colorful gardens, equipped with multi-flowered flowers and surrounded by hills and river, Wokha is a nature lovers paradise. Approximately 4 hours drive from Kohima, this district is an ideal place to explore and witness the splendor of nature.

6.Dzukou Valley


Blessed with utter beauty, Dzukou Valley (2438m) is located about 30kms from the state capital Kohima. The grand Dzukou Valley is a trekker’s delight and is estimated to be the best trekking circuit in the country.

7.Tuophema Village


A tourist village located about 41 kilometers from Kohima, Tuofema is built around the ethnic model of tourism. The village offers traditionally styled huts, traditional artifacts, jewelery, clothing and a souvenir museum and authentic Naga cuisine.

8.Khonoma Green Village


Khonoma Green Village is the result of responsible Naga tribes. Located about 20 kilometers from Kohima, Khonoma Green Village is one of its kind in India.



An icon of untouched beauty, Beneru is a village in the Peren district of Nagaland. This beautiful village on the ridge is a symbol of ethnic tourism in Nagaland. Remaining immaculate, this village is a wonderful gateway to a quiet and peaceful holiday, which is amidst nature

Best 10 Tourist Places In Nagaland


Amidst rolling green hills, Meludi is a part of Phek district of Nagaland. This small village is located on the important route to Mt. Saramati in Kiphire district. Meluri is the land of the Pokhari tribe, who are known for their excellent hunting skills. For a traveler in Meluri, the major attractions are the interesting rock formations.


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