5 Of The Best Beaches In Alaska | USA

5 Of The Best Beaches In Alaska | USA


  With more than 33,000 miles of coastline – more than twice Florida, California and Hawaii combined – Alaska boasts many accessible beaches begging for a walk or picnic. Adventure beaches that are more rugged than sandy, still offer stunning expanses and tricky tide pools. Classic sandy beaches — with some dunes and the possibility to swim — are out there too, but you have to know where to look.

So here is the list of great Alaskan beaches, where you can find great views of the beach, scenery and wildlife and sometimes swimming, fading and the hot sand between your toes!

Are there seashells in Alaska?

The Pacific Northwest is a number of shells that occur in central and northern Alaska waters. The following shells are species that are found in Alaska waters but do not spread southwest into the Pacific Northwest. … This species has about 25 fewer, round ribs with narrow intersections.

What is summer in Alaska?

Summer in Alaska – September through May – first appears in the inside passage area and moves north, lengthening daylight. May is the driest month in the entire state, even in the temperate rainforest of the inland route.

1. Homer Spit – 5 Of The Best Beaches In Alaska | USA


An Alaska Landmark. Spanning 4.5 miles in the middle of Kachemak Bay outside of Homer, this ancient glacial moraine features miles of walkable, gently sloping sand with beaches, wildlife, surf, and an icy mountain panorama. Spit serves as ground zero for all types of sport fishing, wildlife excursions and marine activity.

2. Bishop’s Beach – 5 Of The Best Beaches In Alaska | USA


Outside the Old Home of Homer and down a short footpath from the Islands and Ocean Visitor Center, Bishop Beach is one of Alaska’s most dramatic coastal routes — and is just minutes from services, lodging and restaurants.

3. Road Trip Beaches – 5 Of The Best Beaches In Alaska | USA


Three Alaska State Recreation Areas on the lower Kenai Peninsula surround large cookfronts with crashing surf, beaches, and wildlife viewing, and a panoramic view of the icy mountains across Cook Inlet. Clam Gul is a flat, mud and sandy beach.

4. Kasilof River Beach


The beaches at the mouth of the Kasiloff River have the same potential for camping as sandy beaches, sightseeing, wildlife viewing, and the Canai River beaches, but in a setting that is more intimate and less important than in old-time Alaska .

5. Captain Cook State Recreation Area


An expanse of mud and sand with giant boulders attracting recreational climbers, this striking but rarely visited beach is about 30 miles from the peninsula’s indigenous riverbed to the northwest end of the peninsula. Extends to.

Are there any beaches in Alaska?

When you think of Alaska you don’t immediately think of surf and sand, but believe it or not, this state has about 5,580 miles of beach which means it is filled with some spectacular beaches. . Only in Alaska can you enjoy the sound of the waves without being distracted. …

Is it ever warm enough to swim in Alaska?

The sea is never going to get warmer in Alaska, which is a good thing in Retrospect. But when it comes to swimming, you’ll probably be a lot more comfortable with a wet suit. If you’re a true water baby, grab a snorkel and check out all the beautiful underwater sea creatures while you’re at it!


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