10 Places You Should Visit in El Salvador | The Most Beautiful Places To Visit In El Salvador | 10 Best Attractions Of El Salvador For Visitors

10 Places You Should Visit in El Salvador


10 Places You Should Visit in El Salvador – El Salvador is a destination rich in both geography and culture. Sitting in the center of the Central America region, this small country boasts incredible national parks, long stretches of beautiful beaches, a plethora of inland attractions, and relatively lax visa requirements. Despite maintaining its dated reputation for being an unsafe country, El Salvador is actually one of the safest countries in Central America.

With its violent civil war over two decades in the past, visitors from all backgrounds and interests are quickly discovering the charm of this country.

What is the tourism like in El Salvador? Tourism in El Salvador

Tourism accounts for a large part of El Salvador’s economy. It offers many natural attractions including beaches, a mild tropical climate and lush landscape. It also provides an important archaeological and ecological heritage, with colonial and pre-Columbian vestages and national reserves.

What is the safest place in El Salvador?

Santa Ana
When in Santa El Salvador, Santa Ana must go on a trip for two reasons. First of all, there are many things to talk about, secondly, and more importantly, the city and its surroundings, Santa Ana is known as one of the safest places in El Salvador.

1.Playa El Cuco


El Salvador travel

Easily accessible via bus from San Miguel, Playa El Cuco is a beach town located on the edge of vendor huts, seafood restaurants and a shaggy palm. The water is calmer than some surfer cities nearby, which is a better option for those interested in swimming.

2.Coatepeque Caldera – The Most Beautiful Places To Visit In El Salvador


This volcanic caldera was formed thousands of years ago and is now a large crater lake in the east part of the Kötpeke caldera. Coatepeque Lake is one of the country’s largest lakes, and is much older than Ilopango Lake. Clear, blue water reaches a depth of 120 meters and is surrounded by steep mountain slopes. A highway on the ridge of the crater gives visitors incredible panoramic views, or visitors can get up close and personal to the lake by taking a kayak or boat on the water. The beach houses located around the shore of the lake are popular weekend weekends in this quiet area. The video shows incredible views flying over the lake.

3.Santa Ana – 10 Places You Should Visit in El Salvador


Located 65 km from San Salvador, Santa Ana is a city filled with tree-laden streets and vibrant buildings that made its wealth from the coffee industry. As the second largest city in the country, Santa Ana has a cultural atmosphere and a grand atmosphere. Along with its beauty, the city offers an optional basecamp for travelers looking to explore the Tazumal ruins or the Ruta de las Floors. The towing of Santa Ana does not recall the Neo-Gothic cathedral, which was completed in 1913 and its exterior was carved.

4.Puerta del Diablo – 10 Best Attractions Of El Salvador For Visitors


Puerta del Diablo has a dark past full of death and terror, but the striking scenes keep tourists coming back. Known as the ‘Own Devils Door’, a rock made of two high boulders forms a window overlooking the lush green landscape of El Salvador. A winding path leads to the view, where you will see the indigenous city of Panchimalco directly below, to the left of Lake Ilopango, and behind it the San Vicente volcano connecting directly with the Pacific. The area has more than 60 established rock climbing routes as well as other adventure activities such as zip lining, canopy tours, caving and rappelling.

5.Montecristo National Park – 10 Places You Should Visit in El Salvador


This national park is filled with high peaks (El Trifino at 2,418 meters), low valleys and dense canopies. Cloud forests of oak and laurel trees can grow up to 30 meters long, and mushrooms, lichen and moss grow throughout the forest. Take a tour of the park to experience the beauty of the natural rainforest. Occasionally visitors will see rare animals such as pumas, theaters, spider monkeys, agutis, and coyotes, but more commonly see black gray-rats, squirrels, porcupines, and white-tailed deer. The national park has seen about 300 bird species, including quetzal, green toucan, and white-faced quail.

6.Lake Ilopango – The Most Beautiful Places To Visit In El Salvador


Ilopango Lake is a crater lake that fills a volcanic caldera in central El Salvador. For some time between 410 and 535 AD the caldera collapsed and the lake, which is the largest in the country, sits at an altitude of 1,450 feet. The lake that fills the extinct volcano is 72 sq km. Lake Ilopango is popular with travelers and locals due to its beautiful glass water and views of the lake from the surrounding volcanic peaks. Many locals dive for fish in the water, reaching depths of 240 meters or more.

7.Ruta de las Flores – 10 Places You Should Visit in El Salvador


Ruta de las Flores is a trail that runs through some beautiful villages in El Salvador. Named after the road-grown wildflower (best viewed from November to February), the route travels from Sonsonet to about 40 km between Juyua, Attako, Appeka and Ahuachpan. Along all the trail you will see the culture and history of the area from Spanish colonial buildings as well as great local food options, weekend markets, and plenty of stunning scenery. Travelers will find waterfalls, huge churches, landscapes of coffee plantations, colorful murals and more. Visiting the route in a car means you have a lot of control over where and how long you stop, but the trail can also be detected by bus.

8.Suchitoto – 10 BEST Places to Visit in El Salvador


Located 50 km northeast of the capital, Salvador, Suchito is a former colonial city and a current cultural center of the country. Arts and food festivals occur all the time, filling the streets with visitors from across the country and outside. Enjoy a stroll on the city’s cobstone streets to see the magnificent and well-preserved Spanish colonial buildings or hike around the area to find waterfalls, caves or Lago Suchitlan. The city is in a bird migration area, so wash your binoculars with dust to spot some of the more than 200 species that frequent the area. The city was damaged in the country’s civil war, which prevailed from 1980–1992, but turned into a great mountain getaway for tourists.



TOP 10 Attractions Recommended in San Salvador

Tazumal is the most influential Mayan ruins of El Salvador and among archaeologists, it is estimated that it was first inhabited around 5000 BCE and then abandoned around 1200 AD. The architectural complex was excavated and extensively restored during the 1940s and 50s, but many ruins remain undisturbed. . Tzumal is believed to have been an important center of trade, and its language in the language of K’iche means the pyramids where the victims were burned. Explore this vast site and learn about the history of the Mayan civilization through an onsite museum.

10.Playa El Esteron – 10 Places You Should Visit in El Salvador


Playa El Asterone is an attractive beach that, for whatever reason, is not as popular as others in El Salvador. The beaches stretch endlessly in either direction, and the sand is not at all black as the west of the beach. The surf is gentle and the beach becomes quiet as the area is not filled with the usual crowd of rowdy backpackers. Stop at Playa L’Estran for a lazy beach day in the scorching sun. As you wait to watch the sunset, have a quiet beer and swing in a rented hammock.

Is El Salvador cheap to visit?

Travel cost in El Salvador

The prices are very good. A family room with breakfast cost us $ 50 in San Salvador. As with all of Central and South America, it is not cheap, if you want to go cheap in Asia and Eastern Europe, but El Salvador is nowhere, as expensive as some South American countries.

Is El Salvador pretty? El Salvador travel | Central America

El Salvador may be the smallest country in Central America but it is certainly one of the most attractive. Fewer tourists than its neighbors, El Salvador is rich in natural beauty, pristine beaches, countless volcanoes, numerous Mayan ruins and a great culture and rich history.


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