10 BEST Places to Visit in Seattle – 2021 | 10 Top-Rated Tourist Attractions in Seattle, WA | Top 10 Attractions

10 BEST Places to Visit in Seattle – 2021


10 BEST Places to Visit in Seattle – 2021 – Once a lush port and industrial center, Seattle has undergone a surprising transformation in the largest city in Washington state. Driven in part by its flourishing economy, it is today an energetic, pioneer city that is at the forefront of innovation.

The city is rich in culture and easy living, and it is no accident that Seattle is the “coffee capital” of the United States, with an espresso bar on almost every corner. One of the city’s most active spectators is the waterfront and piers, recreational spots, boat tours and yacht docks as well as fun attractions such as the Great Ferris Wheel. – 10 Places To Visit In Seattle To Make The Most Of Your Trip

In addition, the city boasts a spectacular mountain setting: to the east is the Snow Pyramid of Mount Rainier National Park, west of the Cascade Mountains, partly the snow-capped peaks of Olympic National Park.

What is Seattle famous for? List of Best Tourist Places to Visit Near seattle

Seattle is known as the emerald city due to its famous, lush green evergreen forests. There is no shortage of space and space to see in this metropolis, from the thriving space scene to the iconic space needle.

What is a person from Seattle called? Seattle Tourist Places

A person who lives or comes to Seattle, Washington, is called Seattle. This is a list of famous people who were born, lived or grew up in the city of Seattle (including the deceased).

What is the best month to go to Seattle? 10 Must-See Seattle Attractions

September to October is the best time to visit Seattle. Summer marks the city’s high season, increased room rates and declining availability, while the cold season most likely worsens.

1.Volunteer Park – 10 Top-Rated Tourist Attractions in Seattle, WA


In Central Seattle, Volunteer Park has a century-old conservatory with tropical plants and trees. Visitors can also see simple attractions such as walking attractions, sports facilities, children’s play space and picnic grounds within the park. And the lush green space also includes the Seattle Asian Art Museum (a branch of the larger Seattle Art Museum City), where galleries display Chinese, South Asian, and Southeast Asian art; decorative Arts; And clothing.

2.Discovery Park – 10 BEST Places to Visit in Seattle – 2021


Discovery Park occupies 550 acres and is the largest park in the city, and one of the top beaches in Seattle. The park consists of beaches, forests, and grasslands, which provide a good getaway from the city and a habitat for wildlife.

At a point embossed in the sound, West Point Lighthouse symbolizes the most Western vantage in the park. But the natural space is visible at many places on Puget Sound, and there are also spectacular views of the mountains. An environmental learning center informs interactive exhibits and parks as well as education programs for all ages.

3.International District – 10 Seattle Attractions


The former Pioneer Square is a colorful international district, where Japanese and Chinese shops and restaurants dominate the street scene. There are many things here, but the Wing Luke Museum of the Asian Pacific American Experience is a must. The museum chronicles the history of Asian immigration, named Wing Luke, a Chinese American who was the first Asian American elected official in Washington.

Another fun place to visit within the International District is the Seattle Pinball Museum. This hands-on museum is not related to the colorful history of these popular arcade goods, it encourages visitors to flick the flippers of countless football games. The surrounding district also houses several international restaurants and cultural centers.

4.Benaroya Hall – 10 Top-Rated Tourist Attractions in Seattle, WA


Baroya Hall, Seattle’s premier art venue, has 2,500 seats for the Seattle Symphony concert. Look for the large glass art sculpture by Dale Chihuly, featured prominently in the lobby. It works at the Chihul Gardens and Glass in Seattle Center and the Museum of Glass in Tacoma. Across the street from the Seattle Art Museum, the performance hall is downtown.

Banroya Hall offers a variety of shows and performances. The Seattle Symphony is a staple exhibition, but this beautiful concert hall also has a series of folk performances, family concerts and live speakers. Whatever show brings you to Banyoya Hall makes it feel like coming to the 2,500-seater auditorium.

5.MOHAI: The Museum of History & Industry


Often also referred to as MOHAI, The Museum of History and Industry celebrates Seattle’s status as a leader in innovation and industry. This education facility also lists the events that led to Seattle becoming an important port city.

The True Northwest Exhibition takes tourists on a journey through the history of Native American cultures from the area to the present, exploring how geography and cultural events such as the Gold Rush helped shape the Emerald City. Visitors enjoy 360-degree views of the city using an authentic WWII-era Tang periscope in a maritime display.

The museum’s third major gallery focuses on how local inventors have put the region at the forefront of innovation and new technology. It includes interactive demonstrations and a chance to get a sneeze at the concepts being explored. The permanent collection at the museum’s main gallery includes a wide range of historical objects, ranging from vintage clothing to locally invented products.

6.Woodland Park Zoo – 10 BEST Places to Visit in Seattle – 2021


Seattle’s Woodland Park Zoo is a 92-acre facility that houses many threatened and endangered species worldwide. Highly popular with families, the zoo was the first to create a natural display, and its 300 different species range from Asian and African elephants to snow leopards, jaguars, lemons and crocodiles.

Check a current schedule for daily programs, animal feeds and educational lectures or search for hours for a solar-powered carousel. For a real treat, visitors can book an animal experience trip, allowing animal lovers to get up near some of the zoo’s most attractive wildlife, often with a chance to feed or touch animals. The experience includes the opportunity to meet giraffes, penguins, lemurs and other residents.

7.Olympic Sculpture Park – Tourist Places to Visit


The Olympic Sculpture Park is located on the banks of Elliot Bay, free and open for the public year. Some of its more notable sculptures are the Eye Bench and a Glass Bridge titled Seattle Cloud Cover. Many Seattle residents and tourists come to the park for a day and admire photographs or installations.

The park’s setting is as important as its artwork. The space made an environmental change from the post-industrial Brownfield site to an ecologically balanced green space, which includes a salmon habitat and employs sustainable practices such as rainwater collection.

8.Museum of Flight – Top 10 Attractions


Seattle’s Museum of Flight has a wide range of historical items related to airplanes, educational displays, and flight. The museum is open Thursdays through Mondays, and many visits take place throughout the day. With general admission, the museum offers a premium experience that provides access to behind-the-scenes exhibits.

An outdoor gallery displays the largest aircraft in the collection, including military aircraft such as a Concorde, the first Jet Air Force One, and the B-17F Flying Fortress. The indoor Great Gallery at the museum gives viewers the thrill of seeing many planes suspended in flight. Laird and Space Gallery focus on space travel, both its history and future.

9.Seattle Center & the Space Needle – 10 Best Seattle Attractions to Visit in 2021


The Seattle Center, with its iconic space needle and monorail, was originally built for the 1962 World’s Fair. They have since been converted into an entertainment complex and park area with theaters, sports facilities and restaurants.

Modern tourist attractions now experience the region, including musical adventures in the Anubhav Sangeet Project and impressive glass artifacts in the Chihul Gardens and Glass. And although it is a haunt of locals, the futuristic steel and glass structure of the Seattle Central Library is worth seeking.

Tourists can take an elevator on the 360-degree view needle viewing deck to see the city, Elliot Bay, on Mt. Rainier.

10.Chihuly Garden and Glass – 10 BEST Places to Visit in Seattle – 2021


One of Seattle’s biggest treasures, collections and exhibits are on display here and explore the work of the innovative glassblower Dale Chihuly – a Tacoma native. Chihuly’s work is known for its use of a purely artistic medium of glass and for creating sculptures that attract audiences.

In addition to the eight galleries, visitors can admire one of its largest works at the Glasshouse, where the colors and appearance of the establishment change with sunlight.

In the garden, visitors will present their work in a natural environment that increases the flow and depth of the glass. There is a video presentation about the artist’s life and craft, as well as daily gallery talks and tours.

Do I need a car in Seattle? Top Seattle Tourist Attractions

Unless you plan to take a lot of day trips out of town, you don’t need your car to enjoy a vacation in Seattle. Central Seattle — including downtown, Belltown, Seattle Center, South Lake Union, the waterfront, and Pioneer Square — is fairly compact and moveable.

Is Seattle worth visiting? Must-Visit Attractions in Seattle

Do I think a trip to Seattle is worth it? Of course! It is a beautiful green city filled with lakes, islands, parks, hiking trails, streams, and more. Downtown Seattle has a really fun vibe with waterfront, museum, aquarium, Pike Place Market and restaurants.

Is Seattle part of Silicon Valley? 10 Best Tourist Attractions in Seattle

Fifteen years after Google arrived, it is not a stretch to see Seattle as Silicon Valley North. About 120 out-of-town tech companies have established engineering centers in the Seattle area, many from the San Francisco Bay Area. … Amazon employs about 50,000 people in the Seattle area.


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